Fragile Stickers: Improving Your Shipping Experience


Whether you’re a business owner or shipping products for personal use, one of the things that worries shippers is the handling of their goods. Improper package handling causes packages to fall and sometimes get destroyed. As a business with lots of shipping logistics, you have to find a way to ensure your packages stay protected at all times. There’s no better way to do this than using fragile stickers to inform handlers.

What are fragile stickers?

They are stickers put on shipping packages to tell handlers that the goods or products inside are delicate or fragile. You’ve probably seen it being used on boxes. They’re not imprinted on them for aesthetic purposes but to help protect the boxes. They come in night colors for easy visibility and often have the word “fragile” boldly written on them.

Types of fragile stickers

As mentioned, general fragile stickers have the fragile word boldly written on them to tell handlers that the package should be handled with care. However, there are some other fragile sticker types that directly inform handlers about the content inside the package.

Right side up

This is a popular type of fragile sticker. It has two arrows pointed upwards. They are often used in cargo packages. It tells the package handler that the package should always have the top side on top. Turning the package upside down can damage or destroy the item inside.


Radioactive stickers are placed on packages that contain objects with ionizing radiation. More often than not, when people see this sticker, they’re often afraid of the package and would naturally handle it with care. It has the appearance of a circle with three black quadrants on a yellow background. It is designed that way for easy visibility.


This fragile sticker is used for packages that contain objects that will be destroyed or damaged by water and humid conditions. The umbrella is used as the symbol of the sticker since umbrellas are generally known to protect from rain. Package handlers would know not to move the package under wet conditions or place them near areas of moisture.


Like radioactive stickers, danger stickers are easily recognizable. It has a symbol of a human skull with two crossed bones behind it. It is used for packages that contain lethal or poisonous substances. It is easy to recognize since the skull figure comes in different color types.


When a package is temperature sensitive, a thermometer sticker is placed on it. This tells handlers that the package and its contents should be maintained at a certain temperature.

Handle with care

This is self-explanatory. It is the international standard when packaging fragile objects. It has a symbol of two cupped hands with a box package in the middle of it. It is used for large cargo packages. Smaller packages often use the simple fragile sticker tape on the boxes.


Fragile stickers are an important part of shipping packages. They help tell package handlers how best to handle the package. The most simple type of fragile stickers are tapes with Fragile written on it. Larger cargos use different other types of stickers to indicate the type of object within the package. As a business owner with lots of shipping logistics, investing in bulk fragile stickers helps you save cost and protect your packages.


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