Important Features in a Pressure Washer


Since its invention, pressure washer has been a significant help to almost all home that uses them to clean and beautify their house. This machine has helped to completely lift people’s common wrong notion about how hard cleaning is.

However, It has been noticed that some people still find cleaning a little bit stressful while using the pressure washer, and they seem not to be able to relate to the incredible experiences most people talk about. This is often caused because they fail to purchase washers with some features that make cleaning easier to do in the house.

Nevertheless, this article aims to help you enjoy the best out of your pressure washers by providing you with incredible features to look out for when buying your pressure washer.

What Features Should You Look Out For?

Engine Size

To clean all kinds of stains and mud without any stress, it’s advisable to go for a washer with high power/horsepower. Check the watts on electric models (if that’s what you prefer) or the horsepower on petrol models. The higher the power, the more efficient and easy it is.


Apart from regular nozzles, there are different kinds of modified nozzles and washer machines that go with them to carry out specific cleaning tasks that make cleaning much easier. Below are the categories of nozzles and the particular functions they carry out;

  • Solvent Spraying: some pressure washers can use solvent spray while rinsing and washing. With the aid of a by-pass valve connected to the blast nozzle, this feature allows you to excess grit, sticky paint, and other adhering substance with little or no effort at all.
  • Rotary Nozzle: This particular nozzle allows you to cover a large area at the same time while cleaning; this helps you to save more time and energy you would have wasted using the regular nozzle.
  • Multiple Nozzles: There are some pressure washers capable of using various Nozzles at the same time
  • Drying: There are also pressure washers with nozzles capable of drying and a heater for thermal drying.

Hose Retractable System

To fully enjoy a pressure washer, it is also essential to buy a pressure washer whose hose has a good and Stable Retractable System. Most times, people go for a washer machine with a lengthy hose. This decision is good as we often do not want to carry the washer machine around as we clean the house. However, while they extend the hose, they tend to forget the stress of folding the hose after cleaning. Therefore, it’s advisable to look for a pressure washer with a retractable hose to avoid this stress. Now, it doesn’t matter the kind of model of washer you need to purchase as there is a retractable system for all of them. There are different types of retractable hose reels(manual, electric and springy); it is left for you to pick the one that you prefer.

Cord length(electric models )

After purchasing their pressure washer, some people experience challenges when using these machines because of the short cord, especially when they want to clean their compounds. There are no nearby sockets to plug their pressure washer into. As a result, people would rather clean the indoors than the outdoors. Therefore while purchasing your pressure washer, it is essential to look out for a washer with a lengthy cord that can be plugged in over a very long distance.


A pressure washer is a tool of convenience and is not expected to cause any stress whatsoever. The most important way to ensure you get the best out of these machines is to pay attention to the features stated above when you’re about to get one of these machines.


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