How To Transform Your Cheap Frontal Lace Wig And Make It Look Classy

cheap frontal lace wigs

When wigs got introduced in the hair extensions market, human hair wigs were very rare. This is because they were costly, and many people could not afford them. However, with time, manufacturers have found ways to create cheap human hair wigs, including cheap frontal lace wigs for clients who cannot afford the expensive options. While these wigs are advantageous to many women, they have one significant downside. This is that they often have an oriental cheap appearance. Therefore, this excerpt discusses how to make your cheap lace front wig look expensive.

Tricks to make a cheap frontal lace wig look classy

Below is a guide for making your cheap frontal lace wig look expensive and classy;

1.      Pluck your cheap frontal lace wig

The easiest way to make your inexpensive frontal lace wig look expensive is by plucking it. You will need a pair of tweezers for this. Most cheap wigs usually have a lot of hairs covering their lace at the front. Plucking the hairs at the front of the wig will make it look more realistic. When plucking your wig, ensure to do it on a mannequin head.

This way, you can track what you are doing. Also, ensure to do it one hair strand at a time. This way, you do not overdo it or leave an overexposed lace. This mistake would make it look worse and more unrealistic than originally. It would also be wise to spare enough time for plucking the wig as it may take quite some time.

2.      Dye the knots of your cheap frontal lace wig

You can also use dye or bleach to transform your inexpensive wig into a classy one. You may not want to die the whole piece. Instead, only work on the knots or the knotted roots. This will help you achieve a different color on the roots than the rest of the hair. When dying your wig, you must be careful not to change the lace color. The last thing you want is a colored lace which will make the wig look comical and terrible.

3.      Styling your cheap frontal lace wig

The way you style the wig will also influence how expensive it looks. In most cases, cheap human hair wigs are heat-resistant. This means using a curling iron or straightener to style it. Straightening a cheap wig always makes it look classier than curling it. However, your styling choice should be based on what you wish to achieve. With a frontal lace wig, you can explore different parting options at the front. Consider one that displays the strengths of the wig and hides its weaknesses. For instance, if the sides of the wig are less than perfect, you can hide them as you style them.

Final word

Before applying heat to your wig, human hair or not, you must first check the package to see if it is heat-resistant or not. The above tricks will help you transform your cheap wig into an expensive or classy-looking hairpiece.


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