Affordable Vintage Men’s Eyeglasses


Vintage glasses are the kind which provide A retro look to the wearer. This type of glass is inspired by the old-time design. However, these frames are never out of fashion as they have a pepper essence of originality. In recent years vintage mens eyeglasses have gained the attention of people around the globe because the emerging and established celebrities are giving more preference to this kind of eyewear.

Not only vintage glasses nowadays people are trying their level best to catch up to the aroma of the 70s and 90s. Several such brands have come up with vintage eyeglasses with some add-on features. The emerging vintage eyeglasses offer UV protection and a fashionable appearance.

This article is presented in front of you to provide a clear idea about some different types of vintage eyewear. However, GlassesShop is one of those brands which satisfy their customers by providing high-quality vintage glasses.

Vintage Product Range

1. Genevieve

The Genevieve has the classic rectangular-shaped face which is better for round-shaped faces. However, the bright and bold colors compliment the entire look. The SKU of the product is FZ1268 and it weighs 16.00g (0.56 oz). However, the entire frame of the eyewear is made up of acetate.

2. Joni

The Joni eyeglasses provide a stylish look. However, the sleek arms and the bold frames compliment the entire look. This kind of eyeglasses is preferable for round, diamond and oval-shaped faces. The product is extremely lightweight and highly preferable for day-to-day use. However, the SKU of the product is FP2024. The entire frame is made up of TR90 and it weighs 16g (0.56 oz).

3. Lopez

The Lopez is oval-shaped and is made up of polished metal material. However, this model has 3 color options:  Black, Brown and Blue. The customer can opt for this eyewear as reading glasses or normal power capacity glasses.

4. Hedy

The Hedy provides a vintage look with great ease because of the nose pads and slim arms. However, the entire frame is of rainbow colors and is cat-eye-shaped. The SKU of the product is FZ1734 and it weighs 16.40g (0.58 oz). However, the entire frame of the eyewear is made up of acetate.

5. Vogt

The Vogt is a classic frame by GlassesShop and is usually preferable for round, diamond and oval-shaped faces. The colorful frame provides a fresh look to the wearer along with great comfort and durability. The color of the frame is developed and polished with Italian acetate. The SKU of the product is FZ1320, its weight is 15.8g (0.56 oz).

Vintage Design Under Affordable Prices

GlassesShop is such a brand which provides a vast range of vintage glasses. Every product from this brand has high quality and provides a promising look to the customers.

Suited For Ceremonies And Parties

The vintage frames are of the kind which go with most of the outfits. If someone is going to a party or ceremony the vintage frame will provide a royal and at the same time attractive look to the customer.


GlassesShop is one of the leading eyewear brands all over the world. Their lightweight and high-quality products are the most catchy features. So without any delay go and grab your favorite ones.

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