4 Reasons Why Your Next Vape Should Be a POD System


Are you a smoker looking to switch to vaping? There are several vape devices in the market, and it can be tricky to decide which one to choose as vaping has transformed over the years with the introduction of modern vaping devices.

A good way to choose a vaping device is by considering a POD system: POD systems are small, discreet, and easy to use. They also provide great flavor and vapor production. Therefore, a pod system is a good option if you are looking for a simple, convenient vape device.

4 Reasons to Choose POD System as Your Next Vape Device

You Miss Throat Hit

If you use a sub-ohm vape, you might be missing the throat hit. There is nothing quite like a throat hit when you are trying to enjoy a nice, smooth vape.

Unfortunately, many people miss this vital part of the vaping experience because they do not use the right kind of device.

POD systems are specifically designed to deliver a satisfying throat hit, and that is why so many vapors like them. Moreover, it facilitates enjoying the high nicotine salt, i.e.50 mg/ml and even higher.

This contains acid to drop down the alkaline pH of nicotine to make e-liquid smooth and easy to inhale.

It Provides A Safe Way to Vape

You might be much happy using the POD system to enjoy vaping. The pod system does not make people feel obnoxious, even in a public place. You can enjoy yourself in a public place hovering smoke clouds without caring what people think.

They are compact, making them easy to conceal in your hand or pocket. Moreover, the pod system produces very little vapor, so you can take a quick puff without attracting attention.

Lastly, POD systems do not produce any detectable smell, so you can vape without worrying about bothering those around you.

POD System Used Less Amount of E-Liquid

POD system cigarettes use a less amount of e-liquid. They are also more affordable to maintain in the long run.

Using vape with heat and mesh coil generally consumes a large amount of e-liquid. The daily liquid usage with sub-ohm vaping equipment is around 15 ml, and some smokers use more than this.

The sleek and compact pod system offers a hassle-free vaping experience, and they are much less likely to leak than traditional e-cigarettes. If you are using strong e-liquid, you do not need to worry because it lowers your e-liquid consumption.

It Saves Coil

E-liquids contain sucralose that leaves behind residue and collects on the coil. If you keep using the vape, the new liquid also burns with sucralose on the coil. With continuous use, you will feel the throat burn when vaping.

In this way, you need to change the coil after a short time. Although using a POD system will save your cost, do not let the coil ruin quickly. Even if you use sucralose, your coil will work for a long time with less e-liquid consumption.


Therefore, if you are in the market to get a new vape device and want to try something that is both easy to use and satisfying, POD systems are highly recommended. They may look simple, but they offer some of the best vaping experiences. In addition, they are perfect for those just starting with vaping. They are beneficial for those, who do not want to hassle with learning all the different settings on more complex devices.


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