All about Huawei Next Image 2021 Award You Should Know

Huawei Next Image 2021 Award

Huawei is a Chinese company that is why some codes we find in the Chinese language. Huawei designs its product for telecommunication. But as the technology multiplies. Thus they need to know about the latest technology. Here they also need a review of people. By this, they made their product much more reliable and efficient. For that purpose, Huawei still proposes many campaigns or award competitions like Huawei Next Image 2021 Award or others. For more information on Huawei Next Image 2021 Award, click here.

Huawei Next Image 2021 Award

Huawei made a competition on photography in UK 2021. By this, the company needs to know how people use their product. For this, they established a match based on photography, and as a result, the user also receives its reward.

They received different kinds of images captured by Huawei products in that competition. All of these images are checked by supervisors. More than 2 million people participated in that competition and gave their best masterpiece. At the end of it, there are a lot of rewards provided for their best masterpiece.

Featured image

In these, there are a lot of images submitted. Some are based on some features which Huawei provides. Thus by their use and the quality, they need to know. Many different elements are used in these features, like Night, telephoto, story creator, and others. Some features and their use are given below:

Super Macro

As in life, everyone is in hustle; thus, no one has proper time to read or listen to anything. At that time, the super macro had great importance. It can provide you with tiny details that are useful in reading. Thus they quickly understand the purpose of that image.

Story Creator

As I explained, I had no free time. That’s why people usually like tiny videos or shorts. That is the reason the new trend of shorts is on. Because people want the correct information in a bit of time, you can create a short video of 15 sec by image by this story creator. Everyone can enjoy this.

Story Teller

It is also one of the standard features used on trends as people have different emotions. But the image does not allow you to post multiple photos. So, to change that, there is a feature of the storyteller available in which you can take a picture with various emotions. Thus people can easily judge what you are feeling now. All these features are explained in the Huawei Next Image 2021 Award.


In Huawei, the Next Image 2021 Award had great importance because people came to know about different features. Here the quality is also made by these images as there is a trend of shorts and short descriptions. Huawei provides additional features like Super Macro, Storyteller, and others. By this, people came to know the importance, which is also helpful for the company. With that award, the company became worthy of people with excellent knowledge.


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