Top Tips When Using a Garden Hose to Clean Your Pressure Washer


A garden hose is a cheap and easy way to get the job done when pressure washing your driveway, deck or siding. The problem with using a garden hose is that it delivers just 1/10 of the psi that a real pressure washer can do. That’s why you need to take some precautions whenever you use one for this application – even if you are using the best pressure washer!

When purchase a high-quality power washer that will provide precise performance. Picking the right type for you depends on how it will be used, and what kind of jobs you’re looking for.

You’ll want to make sure you have some quick release adapters handy so you can quickly switch between your nozzle on the end of your garden hose and your normal spray wand on your pressure washer unit. It’s also helpful to keep the nozzle at least 25 feet away from any windows or kennels, etc. If you are cleaning gutters, you can either lay the spray nozzle on the gutter while standing in your ladder, or you can even attach an extension so that you can sit down and control the angle of the nozzle while using both hands to hold onto a regular weight garden hose.

Here are some other tips that will help when using your pressure washer with a garden hose:

To prevent damaging the seals in your pump, avoid running your garden hose through your pressure washer. If it is necessary to run the garden hose through the unit, be sure you remove the plug or screen where needed so water can flow freely.

Tip – #1)

  1. To use a garden hose as a pressure washer, start by taking apart any quick-release adapters from your regular pressure washer wand and reattaching it to the end of your garden hose. Make sure they are securely attached! If any connections are not tight, water will leak out of them and reduce the effectiveness of this method during cleaning.

Tip – #2)

  1. With just 1/10th of what a real pressure washer delivers, most consumer-grade hoses do not have enough pressure to effectively get the job done. In order to get better results, you will need to place a couple of fittings around your garden hose at least 25 feet from your home so that you have about 50-75 feet of line from the spray nozzle to where it attaches to the water supply. This way, you can get enough pressure and flow for a good cleaning result.

Tip – #3)

  1. If you have a large deck or siding that can be easily accessed by just moving one end of your 50-75 foot long garden hose instead of going back and forth every time, go ahead and add another length on there. Your total length with these two attached should be 100-125 feet in total length.

Tip – #4)

  1. When using a garden hose as a pressure washer, the nozzle will need to be much further away from anything delicate. For instance, if you have windows or even kennels for animals that are close to where your cleaning project is – find another spot and focus on keeping the nozzle 25 feet away from those areas.

Tip – #5)

  1. If you need to use an extension on your spray wand to control the angle of the nozzle while standing up on a ladder, make sure you hold onto both ends of your regular weight garden hose tightly at all times!

Tip – #6)

  1. By using a garden hose as a power washer, it’s easy to forget about how powerful this equipment can be since it delivers such low pressure and flow compared with its normal output numbers. Be very careful when cleaning gutters since they are easy to knock loose. Also, be aware of any windows or kennels that are close by – even with the 25-foot safety zone you have created for yourself!

Tip – #7)

  1. If you have a tough job on your hands, try using these simple tips for using a garden hose as a pressure washer to help get the best results out of it before calling in the pros!


When you use a garden hose to help clean your pressure washer, you can easily get going without having to wait for a full supply of water to fill the unit first. This method is especially helpful on deep cleans and large surface areas where it would be impractical or impossible to have the pressure washer sitting right next to an outdoor water spigot. If you know how to use a garden hose as a pressure washer, you will save yourself time and money!


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