Roll Up Door Chain Hoist: A Smarter Way To Lift Steel Sheet Door


If your garage door doesn’t close, you’re stuck with a driveway full of vehicles. The last thing you want to do is leave your garage door open all day, or worse yet, ask someone else to do it for you. Garages are the perfect place to store cars, bikes, trailers, and other valuable tools.

But if your garage door won’t close, it’s like forgetting to lock your front door – you’re leaving your valuables out there for anyone to take. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and long-lasting solution for your garage door problems – the roll up door chain hoist is the perfect solution for you.

A roll-up door chain hoist is a vital element of the security systems of both commercial and residential buildings. It is used to lift and lower rolling doors used in garages, storage sheds, and barns.

Advantages Of Roll Up Door Chain Hoist

Here are a few advantages which you can gain from using chain hoist:

· Zinc Plated Metal

Zinc plated is a protective and rust-proof coating applied to other metals such as steel and aluminum to offer the best protection against corrosion due to the environment and everyday wear. Chain hoist is made from durable and rugged materials to ensure a long-lasting life. The zinc-plated silver helps prevent rust and makes the hoist stronger than a plastic hoist, allowing a better and heavier lifting capacity.

· Easy To Operate

Roll-up door chain hoist requires less effort to operate, making it easy to open or close doors that exceed the industry limit of 15 ft. in height, providing ease of one-handed operation. It has an easy action chain that is engineered to reduce the strain on your body while performing the toughest hoisting jobs possible due to the unique gear ratio design in the hoist.

· Enhance Security

Security is the degree of resistance or protection from harm and freedom from anxiety. When you have a sturdy rolling sheet door for your garage, you must have a high level of security for your business. It’s also sure that a good one is not supposed to break easily, giving you less trouble keeping your belongings or something else stored inside. Roll-up door chain hoist offers reliable protection against threats like burglary.

· Sway Free

Non-sway and balanced double pendant control construction prevents accidental damage to rolls & walls. Roll-up door chain hoist is the safe and easy way to raise and lower roll-up doors, rolling grilles, mini-warehouses, air doors, industrial doors. It helps to reduce door maintenance and repairs, lasts longer, and increases safety.

· Compact Design

Compact design means a roller chain hoist that mounts to the ceiling within the door frame and no concrete pillars to block your view of the garage contents. The only components that extend below the header when not in operation are 10″ diameter rollers, which allow for a maximum opening height of 15″. It is hassle-free and eliminates the risk of injury.


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