Alluka – Transgender in the Anime


The mangaka refers to alluka as “she,” but some characters are transgender. Some believe that Alluka is trans, while others disagree. However, the fact that the characters refer to him as “he” or as “she” is quite significant. While the mangaka may have not intended for Alluka to be a trans woman, the response to her character has been extremely positive. Moreover, Alluka’s theme song is remarkably similar to the Japanese trans anthem, so it’s easy to see why the anime is deemed so popular among the trans community.

The manga depicts Alluka as a black-haired girl with blue eyes. She wears a headband emblazoned with cartoon-style emotional faces and traditional Japanese shrine maiden clothing. Her hair is tied back with four hair bands. The female butlers, including Killua, are able to make Alluka grant wishes by simply being near them. The reversal of the relationship between Alluka and Killua is further illustrated in the Viz translation. The English version manga calls Killua as “Alluka’s big brother.”

Nanika’s kin, Killua, describes Alluka as a girl while the other members of the Zoldyck family refer to her as a boy. Although Alluka is a transgender woman, her closest friend, Killua, prefers using “she/her” pronouns around Alluka. Even though she has transgender traits, she still wears feminine clothes and hairstyle.

Alluka is a mysterious person who lives in the Dark continent. Her dark hair is long and unruly, with blue eyes. Her skin is pale, and she wears traditional Japanese shrine maiden attire, as well as a headband depicting her emotional cartoon faces. She has two locks of hair, fastened by four hair bands. According to Silva, Alluka is dark, uncontrollable, and has no soul. She is a phantom and can’t feel emotions.

Unlike all other members of the Dark Continent, Alluka does not have human emotions. It wants to please her big brother and protect him. Its tears were filled with apologies from Alluka, but she didn’t care because she is a human. During this time, she also becomes her companion. During this time, she also learns to control her emotions, and even possesses the ability to grant her wishes.

Alluka’s features are very similar to her male counterparts. She has black hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion. She wears traditional shrine maiden attire, with a headband depicting emotional cartoon faces. She is a transgender character. As a result, her hair is black and she has no soul. As a transgender character, Alluka is not a fully human. She shares her body with Nanika, who is a solitary dragon.

When Alluka is reunited with her former lover, she acts as if she is a child. Her simple personality makes her a very appealing partner. She acts happy when she is with her new love, and trusts her older brother completely. She also calls him “Big Brother” and is deeply attached to him. It is not clear whether Alluka is a human, but her magical abilities make her a very interesting character.


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