What Are Mink Lashes?


It could be challenging to determine which of the several lash varieties is appropriate for a particular person.

What are mink lashes exactly? What sets real mink lashes apart from those manufactured of faux fur?

Before buying wholesale mink lashes, it is best to know what mink lash extension is, and why it is the most well-liked lash types today.

What Material Makes Up Mink Lashes?

Eyelash extensions consisting of a synthetic material called PBT are referred to as “mink lashes.”

This substance is a plastic with exceptional shape memory, long-lasting resistance to deformation after processing, and high heat and chemical resistance.

PBT is utilized in a variety of everyday household items, like toothbrushes, in addition to eyelash extensions.

Are the Mink Animal’s Fur Used to Make Mink Lashes?

Where do mink eyelashes originate?

Unsurprisingly, the origin of mink lashes is one of the most often asked questions we get. Many lash artists and customers become confused when they hear the word “mink,” and many of them think that mink is an animal hair.

We’re here to put an end to this debate for good! In general, mink lashes are only given that name because of how delicate they are compared to actual mink hair.

Therefore, sure, mink lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, and unrelated to the animal mink.

To avoid confusion, some companies may even label it faux mink.

Real Mink Lashes are What?

Of course, actual mink fur is also used to make mink lash extensions.

Real mink lashes closely resemble natural human lashes and offer a lighter, softer, fluffier, and ultimately more natural appearance.

Real mink lashes are perfect for those seeking an appearance that is exceptionally natural, yet they are not for everyone. Because real mink lashes are so light, they often last longer. The drawback of this kind of extension is its high cost.

Silk vs. Mink Eyelashes

The synthetic PBT used to create silk and mink lashes is essentially the same substance. The shape, finish, and weight of the two items differ most from one another rather than their composition.

Since silk lashes have a longer taper than mink lashes, the main body of the lash seems smaller. Silk lashes appear lighter and softer and produce a more natural look when compared to mink lashes of the same thickness.

Some lash producers additionally apply semi- or fully-mattified finishing to silk lashes to make them look more natural. However, this is more of a charming extra feature than the primary attribute that distinguishes silk lashes.

What About Lashes Made of Velvet, Cashmere, and Sable?

First off, all fabrics, regardless of their names—mink, silk, cashmere, sable, or velvet—are constructed of synthetic PBT rather than from natural resources.

In order to distinguish between how soft and luxuriant their textures are, various companies utilize these labels. They are unrelated to the actual natural substance.

The same PBT mink eyelash attachments are referred to by certain lash brands as “mink” and by others as “royal sable.” For flat eyelash extensions, the same holds true. It may go by the names cashmere lash or elliptical lash depending on the brand.

We strongly encourage you to carefully study the product description before investing in a novel kind of eyelash extension because many lash brands refer to the same product under several names.

It can just be the same thing you already have under a new name.

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