What Are The steps to Take Before Purchasing a Blonde Wig


Buying a 613 blonde wigis almost every wig lover’s dream. These wig types are different and unique. Without a doubt, everyone will notice a 613 blonde wig from far because of its color.

That color, however, is one of the reasons to take your time before you buy the blonde wig. Of course, the wig will attract you at first, but you must remain calm. You have to take some steps before you buy the wig, so you will not be making a mistake. These steps are what we have come to discuss in this guide;;

Confirm if it matches your skin

A blonde wig has bright brown color. Some people even mistake this hair color as yellow. This  is a very bright shade and you need to be careful what you are combining it with.

Since you will be the one wearing the wig, your skin color is very important. The first thing you want to consider is if you are very light. The blonde shade will work well due to your skin color.

If you are not so light, it will also go so well. But when you have a very dark color, the blonde wig may go well. Just remember that the blonde wig will make you look a lot darker.

Choose style based on head shape

Your face shape does not really affect the color of the wig you wear. However, it will help you determine the type of blonde wig to buy.

We all have different face shapes, ranging from square to oval, circular, and many others. If you choose the wrong design for your blonde wig, you will have an awkward look.

Every wig style has a blonde option. Even if the color may not have been initially blonde, every brand tries to make a blonde option. Therefore you have many options to pick from when you want to choose the style of Blonde Wig.

Create a budget for your wig

Money is a crucial factor in any wig purchase. You need to plan for the price of a blonde wig before you head to a store.

The blonde color of the wig will affect the price, but this is not the only factor. Other factors like the quality, brand, and type of wig will affect the cost of the blonde wig.

Speak to your hairstylist

Your hairstylist is the most important step you need to take before buying the blonde wig. They are experts when it comes to hair, so they can visualize how any hair type will sit on your hair. Hence, it is best to hear from a hair expert before buying that blonde wig.


Not everyone has the body and shape to wear a blonde wig. But since we all follow trends, everyone wants a blonde wig. However, you should do the steps discussed above before you think of buying any blonde wig. Do not get it wrong, blonde wigs are very nice and they sit well on your head. However, your blonde wig must fit you perfectly, since it can make you look very different.


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